Wedding Videography

wedding videographyAdams Video Services provides a cinematic approach to capture your wedding and create a memorable video montage of your day.  You will want to watch it again and again as the precious moments are elegantly blended together with your favorite music. 


Wedding Only Package

We will provide two videographers using three 3CCD Digital Camcorders, two wireless microphones (one for groom, one for officiate), for up to 4 hours of video coverage of your wedding ceremony, preparations, and photo sessions.  We will have one formal planning session so we are certain to capture everything.  This package includes a video montage of the day and three authored DVDs with a custom-designed menu that provides easy access to the highlights of your day.  We will use slow motion, black and white, and other cinematic features.

Price $1,600


Wedding and Reception Package

Wedding Only Package plus one 3CCD Digital Camcorder for up to 4 hours of your reception.  We will videotape the reception and include highlights in the wedding montage.  We will provide a wireless microphone to capture guest comments. 

Price $2,100


Photo Montage

We will create a photo montage of how you met and your lives to this point.  It can include up to 100 photographs (which could include slides, news clippings, mementos) 5 songs, and 10 titles to create a photo montage on DVD.  You can show this at the rehearsal, reception, or give it out as gifts to your entourage.

Price:  $495

Additional Camcorder:  $95 per hour.
Add video content to the Photo Montage:  please call