Documentary Style Video

Documentary Style Video Do you want to tell a story about a company, school, or organization? Are you trying to highlight the achievements of an individual? Is there a company’s history that needs to be archived?
Would you like a documentary or biography style video like the ones you see on TV?

These videos use all the elements you would expect from a biography/documentary style video:

  • Photos and Slides
  • Logos
  • Music and Narration
  • Titles
  • Interviews
  • Camcorder Video and Old 8mm or 16mm film
  • Newspaper clippings, Documents, & Certificates
  • Awards & Trophies

More importantly, these are more than compiling a bunch of photos and video and adding music. They tell a story.

  • We will start by consulting with you about your project.
  • We will then interview people and find out what they have to say.
  • You gather all your photos, slides, documents, and anything that can be recorded or photographed.
  • You will be involved through the whole process.
  • When the project is finished, you can have a premiere of your video with family and friends.

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